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Indonesian Football wrack

Indonesia is one of the world's largest football lovers. Almost every population like football. However this is not proportional to the achievement of Indonesian football. We can see the abundant human resources to develop football, but football is only used for political purposes.

   as the parent organization that houses the football, this institution failing. We still see the nuances of the people who play politics in the organization. People who do not understand the beauty of the game of football even take charge of football. This is an issue that must be addressed by the government. But the government should not intervene FIFA implementation of this PSSI institutions.
    Governments can help by providing the infrastructure for training and developing football. With the increasing number of places to conduct exercises, the more talent channeled through this infrastructure. Infrastructure development must also be free of money politics, bribery, corruption. Because if there are three of these things are also not optimal development of facilities and can only be used for a period of Pende. The government through the Commission must check in and out of money in the construction of this project.
    Another step may be to regulate the curriculum of early childhood education in football. Negar a-developed countries in football such as English, German, Spanish already have a curriculum that is used as a reference for potential train young potential that if it is a professional player become a star player. But the making of this curriculum must be planned carefully not keluaar curriculum origin of football, if the curriculum is not yet mature it will hamper the potential talent of our young talent, an example of such a curriculum 2013 imposed. The curriculum is to be made by the development team understands young age.
    Avoid ugly naturalized players. I think legitimate naturalization fine but should be selected who could naturalized who does not. Naturalization do not see where the origin of the state, which once defended the club, but we have to look at age, playing sepertia what not match with the national team scheme.
    Fix the club clubs in Indonesia, such as licensed coach, the problem of arrears of salary, elephant football game, bribery, money politics, corruption, contract players. We must punish the errant club club indiscriminately. Punishment should also be a deterrent effect.

Kebobrokan Sepakbola Indonesia

Indonesia adalah salah satu negara pecinta bola terbesar di dunia. Hampir setiap penduduknya menyukai bola. Namun hal ini tidak berbanding lurus dengan pencapaian sepakbola Indonesia. Kita bisa melihat SDM yang berlimpah untuk mengembangkan sepakbola, namun SDM ini hanya digunakan untuk kepentingan politik.
Salah siap sepak bola Indonesia bisa menjadi buruk?
  sebagai induk organisasi yang menaungi sepakbola, lembaga ini dinilai gagal. Kita masih melihat nuansa orang orang yang berpolitik di dalam berorganisasi. Orang orang yang tidak mengerti indahnya permainan sepakbola malah menjadi pengurus sepakbola. Ini merupakan masalah yang harus dibenahi oleh pemerintah. Tetapi dalam FIFA pemerintah tidak boleh mengintervensi pelaksanaan lembaga PSSI ini.
   Pemerintah bisa membantu dengan menyediakan sarana dan prasarana untuk latihan dan mengembangkan sepakbola. Dengan semakin banyaknya tempat untuk menggelar latihan, semakin banyak bakat tersalurkan lewat sarana dan prasarana ini. Pembangunan sarana dan prasarana juga harus terbebas dari money politic, suap, korupsi. Karena jika ada 3 hal tadi pembangunan sarana juga tidak maksimal dan hanya bisa digunakan untuk jangka pende. Pemerintah melalui KPK harus mengecek uang yang masuk dan keluar dalam pembangunan proyek ini.
   Langkah lain mungkin dengan mengatur kurikulum tentang pendidikan usia dini dalam sepakbola. Negar a-negara maju dalam sepakbola seperti inggris, jerman,spanyol sudah memiliki kurikulum yang dijadikan acuan untuk melatih potensi potensi muda agar jika sudah menjadi pemain profesional menjadi pemain bintang. Tetapi pembuatan kurikulum ini harus direncanakan secara matang tidak asal keluaar kurikulum tentang sepakbola, jika kurikulumnya belum matang itu akan menghambat potensi bakat bakat muda kita, contoh seperti kurikulum 2013 yang dipaksakan. Kurikulum ini harus dibuat oleh tim yang sangat mengerti pengembangan usia muda.
   Hindari naturalisasi pemain jelek. Naturalisasi menurut saya sah sah saja tetapi harus diseleksi siapa yang bisa dinaturalisasi siapa yang tidak. Naturalisasi jangan melihat darimana asal negara, klub yang pernah dibela, tetapi kita harus melihat usia, permainannya sepertia apa cocok tidak dengan skema timnas.
   Benahi klub klub di Indonesia, seperti lisensi pelatih, masalah tunggakan gaji, permainan sepakbola gajah, suap, money politic, korupsi, kontrak pemain. Kita harus menghukum klub klub yang melanggar peraturan tanpa pandang bulu. Hukuman juga harus menimbulkan efek jera.
By: Ramdani Rizki Pratama

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10 great players who produced by Sir Alex Ferguson

26 years of work as manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson has a good track record. Ranging from 13 Premier League titles, two League Cups and five FA longest neatly in United's trophy cabinet.
Not to mention some of the record as the biggest victory losing 9-0 to Ipswich Town hit record performed without defeat United in 45 matches away from December 26, 1998 until October 3, 1999. But there is one more thing that should be remembered as one of Fergie feat.
71-year-old man is also known as a genius in the orbit great players. Fergie's Babes itself is a collection of original target player Manchester United's academy is successfully removed by Fergie.
Since 1985, Fergie has at least dozens of names that come into orbit from kkademi or bought from other clubs before success finally polished. Fergie's Babes having two times, namely in late 80s to early 90s. Who are the 10 most successful member of Fergie's Babes?
Eric Cantona

Controversial figure this one will not be forgotten football lovers the world. Moreover, he landed a kung fu kick to the face of a fan of the game contra Crystal Palace, January 25, 1995 and changed the course of his career.
But beyond the controversial, Cantona is known as one of the fearsome striker who once owned United. Carried off from Leeds United in 1993, Cantona successfully spawned 195 goals for United.
Four Premier League title success he achieved with the Red Devils. He also decided to retire on May 11, 1997. He also entered into the list of 100 League Legends in 1998.
Peter Schmeichel

Formidable in the air, agile on land. With only 505 thousand pounds, Sir Alex Ferguson never felt quite berutung servicing the Danish goalkeeper who previously played for Brondy.
Dubbed the 'Bargain of the Century', Schmeichel became one of the strengths of Manchester United won the treble winners in the 1998-1999 season. His ability to block the opponent's attack to be successful a key observational evidence Fergie
22 record on the season 1992-1993 kebobolannya not deliver kampium United's Premier League with a new format. Schmeichel also fierce in front of goal when he scored an important goal against Rotor Volgograd in the UEFA Cup event although United ultimately eliminated.
Cristiano Ronaldo

Fast and agile. Cristiano Ronaldo's talent was captured by Sir Alex Ferguson when Manchester United diving track trials against Sporting Lisbon in 2003.
Fergie rid Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger and Liverpool manager at the time, Gerard Houllier to sign Ronaldo at 15 million euros. His debut for United against Bolton when direct public attention.
He managed a total of 118 goals for United as well donate three Premier League trophies and one Champions League title. He also sold United to Real Madrid in 2009 for a record 80 million pounds.
David Beckham

The world has certainly familiar figure of David Beckham as a soccer mestro. Good looks and techniques of football that he has become an attraction for anyone.
But the public is definitely a bit forgotten that Beckham came to light thanks to the golden hands of Sir Alex Ferguson. Was loaned to Preston North End, Beckham emerged as England's best midfielder in his day even since making his league debut on April 2, 1995.
Players with the free kick specialization helped deliver United won six Premier League titles and a Champions League. Notch 85 goals from 394 games will be remembered by the public Old Trafford.
Ryan Giggs

Wales man is listed as one of Fergie's Babes. Barely costumed Manchester City, Fergie to have approached Giggs at his residence in order to convince the young man to join United.
Speed ​​and superb technique Giggs difficult to surpass any player. He also still holds the record as much as 939 appearances for United's match with a score 168 goals.
Premier League title that he won was the same with Fergie, which is 13 times. Not to mention his part in delivering United won two Champions League titles in 1998-99 and 2007-08 seasons.
Paul Scholes

One-club man. That's the nickname given to the public figure of the legendary Paul Scholes. Costumed Manchester United since 1992, this cute-faced man a major force in United's midfield.
Firm and hard are two words that can describe how kegarang Scholes while in the field. Not only fierce in the middle, Scholes also known as a skilful midfielders in scoring.
Proved of 716 matches, Scholes has scored 155 goals. Although time to retire in 2011, which gives players 11 Premier League title is still dressed as the Red Devils faithful.
Roy Keane

Became commander of United's midfield for 12 years makes Roy Keane as the most influential figure. Tackle hard-telek and war threats from midfield often not only harmful, but also benefit the Red Devils.
Trafficked from Nottingham Forest in 1993, Keane's success brings the rigors of midfield for every opponent. Of 480 matches, Keane successfully provide seven Premier League titles and a Champions League.
He was a major figure chosen Fergie to be the captain of the team when Eric Cantona retired in 1996. Until now, United have again had a male figure in midfield after him Keane.
Gary Neville

One figure of one-club man who is a member of Fergie's Babes is Gary Neville. Known as one of the captain's temper, Neville Ryan Giggs joined by David Beckham, Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes to win the treble in 1999.
With his brother, Phil, Neville first time Sir Alex Ferguson diorbitkan September 1992 when the torpedo against Moscow. He was believed to fill the right-back position that was left injured Paul Parker.
19 years with Manchester United, Gary Neville played in 602 games with seven goals. He was delivering Manchester United win the Premier League six times, the FA Cup three times and the Champions League twice.
Denis Irwin

Denis Irwin name will always appear as one of the most successful players who played for Manchester United. Male from Ireland to force the Red Devils for 12 years, especially in the wing-back position.
Recruited from Oldham after successfully reaching the FA Cup semi-finals in the previous season, Irwin had trouble finding a place in the hearts of Fergie. Consistent in attack and strong in defense to keep Fergie reason.
Of the total 368 games, he scored 22 goals. Not only that, seven Premier League titles and a Champions League trophy successfully landed 47 men this year at Old Trafford.
Nicky Butt

Male 38 years only take a month to convince Sir Alex Ferguson over capacity since he had signed a professional contract in 1993. Nicky Butt went on to become a substitute for the injured Roy Keane in the 1994-1995 season.
His career skyrocketed after Paul Ince decided to leave Old Trafford towards Inter Milan in 1995. Butt underwent his first two seasons with Manchester United's very well.
Total 387 games successfully undertaken by Nicky Butt before the move to Newcastle United in 2004. Six Premier League title would be a gift that is forgotten by the public Old Trafford.

10 pemain hebat polesan sir Alex Ferguson

26 tahun berkiprah sebagai manajer Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson memiliki catatan rekor yang bagus. Mulai dari 13 titel Liga Inggris, dua Liga Champions hingga lima Piala FA terpanjang dengan rapih di lemari trofi United.
Belum lagi beberapa rekor seperti kemenangan terbesar kalah menghantam Ipswich Town 9-0 hingga rekor tanpa kekalahan yang dilakukan United dalam 45 laga dari dari 26 Desember 1998 hingga 3 Oktober 1999. Namun ada satu hal lagi yang patut dikenang sebagai salah satu prestasi Fergie.
Pria berusia 71 tahun ini juga dikenal sebagai sosok jenius dalam mengorbitkan pemain-pemain hebat. Fergie's Babes sendiri merupakan kumpulan pemain binaan asli Akademi Manchester United yang berhasil diangkat oleh Fergie.
Sejak 1985 lalu, Fergie setidaknya telah mengorbitkan puluhan nama yang datang dari kkademi maupun dibeli dari klub lain sebelum akhirnya sukses dipoles. Fergie's Babes mengalami dua masa, yaitu pada akhir 80an hingga awal 90an. Siapa sajakah 10 anggota Fergie's Babes tersukses?

Eric Cantona

Sosok kontroversial yang satu ini belum akan dilupakan para pecinta sepakbola dunia. Apalagi tendangan kungfu yang ia daratkan ke wajah seorang penggemar pada laga kontra Crystal Palace, 25 Januari 1995 lalu mengubah jalan karirnya.
Tetapi di luar sisi kontroversialnya, Cantona dikenal sebagai salah satu striker menakutkan yang pernah dimiliki United. Diboyong dari Leeds United pada 1993 lalu, Cantona sukses menelurkan 195 gol untuk United.
Empat gelar Liga Inggris berhasil ia raih bersama The Red Devils. Ia pun memutuskan pensiun pada 11 Mei 1997. Ia pun masuk ke dalam daftar 100 Legenda Liga Inggris pada 1998 lalu.

Peter Schmeichel

Tangguh di udara, gesit di darat. Hanya dengan uang 505 ribu Poundsterling, Sir Alex Ferguson cukup berutung pernah merasakan servis penjaga gawang asal Denmark tersebut yang sebelumnya bermain untuk Brondy.
Dijuluki 'Bargain of the Century', Schmeichel menjadi salah satu kekuatan Manchester United meraih treble winners di musim 1998-1999. Kepiawaiannya menghalau serangan lawan menjadi bukti kunci kesuksesan pengamatan Fergie
22 rekor tidak kebobolannya pada musim 1992-1993 menghantarkan United menjadi kampium Liga Inggris dengan format baru. Schmeichel juga garang di depan gawang lawan kala ia mencetak gol penting ke gawang Rotor Volgograd di ajang UEFA Cup meski akhirnya United tersingkir.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cepat dan lincah. Talenta Cristiano Ronaldo berhasil ditangkap oleh Sir Alex Ferguson kala Manchester United melakoni lagu uji coba melawan Sporting Lisbon pada 2003 lalu.
Fergie menyingkirkan manajer Arsenal, Arsene Wenger dan manajer Liverpool saat itu, Gerard Houllier untuk memboyong Ronaldo dengan harga 15 juta Euro. Debutnya bersama United kala melawan Bolton langsung menarik perhatian publik.
Total 118 gol berhasil ia sumbangkan bagi United serta tiga buah trofi Liga Inggris dan satu gelar Liga Champions. Ia pun dilego United ke Real Madrid pada 2009 lalu dengan rekor transfer 80 juta Poundsterling.

David Beckham

Dunia sudah pasti mengenal sosok David Beckham sebagai seorang mestro sepakbola. Wajah rupawan dan teknik sepakbola yang ia miliki menjadi daya tarik bagi siapapun.
Namun publik pasti sedikit melupakan bahwa Beckham muncul ke permukaan berkat tangan emas Sir Alex Ferguson. Sempat dipinjamkan ke Preston North End, Beckham menjelma sebagai gelandang terbaik Inggris di masanya bahkan sejak melakukan debut liga pada 2 April 1995.
Pemain dengan spesialisasi tendangan bebas ini turut menghantarkan United meraih enam gelar Liga Inggris dan sebuah Liga Champions. Torehan 85 gol dari 394 laga akan selalu diingat publik Old Trafford.

Ryan Giggs

Pria Wales ini tercatat sebagai salah satu anggota Fergie's Babes. Nyaris berkostum Manchester City, Fergie sampai harus menghampiri Giggs di kediamannya guna menyakinkan anak muda tersebut bergabung dengan United.
Kecepatan dan teknik luar biasa Giggs sulit ditandingi pemain manapun. Ia juga masih memegang rekor penampilan untuk United sebanyak 939 laga dengan torehan 168 gol.
Gelar Liga Inggris yang ia raih pun sama dengan Fergie, yaitu 13 kali. Belum lagi andilnya dalam menghantarkan United menjuarai dua gelar Liga Champions di musim 1998-99 dan 2007-08.

Paul Scholes

One-club man. Begitulah julukan yang diberikan publik kepada sosok legendaris, Paul Scholes. Berkostum Manchester United sejak 1992, pria berwajah imut ini menjadi kekuatan penting United di lini tengah.
Tegas dan keras adalah dua kata yang dapat menggambarkan bagaimana kegarang Scholes ketika berada di lapangan. Tidak hanya garang di tengah, Scholes juga terkenal sebagai gelandang yang ulung dalam mencetak gol.
Terbukti dari 716 laga, Scholes telah mencetak 155 gol. Meski sempat pensiun pada 2011 lalu, pemain yang memberikan 11 gelar Liga Inggris ini masih setia berkostum The Red Devils.

Roy Keane

Menjadi komandan lini tengah United selama 12 tahun menjadikan Roy Keane sebagai sosok yang paling berpengaruh. Tekel-telek keras dan perang ancaman dari lini tengah tidak hanya sering merugikan , namun juga menguntungkan The Red Devils.
Diboyong dari Nottingham Forest pada 1993 lalu, Keane sukses menghadirkan kerasnya lini tengah bagi setiap lawannya. Dari 480 laga, Keane sukses memberikan tujuh gelar Liga Inggris dan sebuah Liga Champions.
Ia pun menjadi sosok utama yang dipilih Fergie untuk menjadi kapten tim kala Eric Cantona memutuskan pensiun pada 1996 lalu. Hingga kini, United belum lagi memiliki sosok jantan di lini tengah sepeninggalnya Keane.

Gary Neville

Salah satu sosok one-club man yang merupakan anggota dari Fergie's Babes adalah Gary Neville. Dikenal sebagai salah satu kapten tempramental, Neville Ryan Giggs bergabung dengan David Beckham, Nicky Butt dan Paul Scholes untuk menjuarai treble winners pada 1999 lalu.
Bersama sang adik, Phil, Neville pertama kali diorbitkan Sir Alex Ferguson September 1992 kala melawan Terpedo Moscow. Ia pun dipercaya mengisi posisi bek kanan yang ditinggal cedera Paul Parker.
19 tahun membela Manchester United, Gary Neville bermain dalam 602 laga dengan raihan tujuh gol. Ia sempat menghantarkan Manchester United menjuarai Liga Inggris sebanyak enam kali, Piala FA sebanyak tiga kali dan Liga Champions sebanyak dua kali.

Denis Irwin

Nama Denis Irwin pasti akan selalu muncul sebagai salah satu pemain tersukses yang pernah membela Manchester United. Pria asal Irlandia ini menjadi kekuatan The Red Devils selama 12 tahun khususnya di posisi bek sayap.
Direkrut dari Oldham setelah sukses mencapai babak semifinal Piala FA di musim sebelumnya, Irwin tidak kesulitan menemukan tempat di hati Fergie. Konsisten dalam menyerang dan tangguh dalam bertahan menjadi alasan Fergie mempertahankannya.
Dari total 368 laga, ia sukses mencetak 22 gol. Tidak hanya itu, tujuh gelar Liga Inggris dan sebuah trofi Liga Champions berhasil didaratkan pria 47 tahun ini di Old Trafford.

Nicky Butt

Pria 38 tahun ini hanya butuh sebulan untuk menyakinkan Sir Alex Ferguson atas kapasitas yang ia miliki sejak menandatangani kontrak profesional pada 1993 lalu. Nicky Butt sukses menjadi pengganti Roy Keane yang cedera di musim 1994-1995.
Karirnya terus meroket setelah Paul Ince memutuskan pergi dari Old Trafford menuju Inter Milan pada 1995. Butt menjalani dua musim perdananya bersama Manchester United dengan sangat baik.
Total 387 laga berhasil dijalani oleh Nicky Butt sebelum hengkang ke Newcastle United pada 2004 lalu. Enam gelar Liga Inggris menjadi hadiah yang takkan dilupakan oleh publik Old Trafford.

mantan pemain akademi madrid yang sukses di klub lain

Real Madrid B (2)
Real Madrid mungkin dikenal sebagai klub yang lebih suka mengambil pemain akademi klub lain. Dengan limpahan dana tak terbatas, mereka seolah tinggal menunjuk pemain mana yang akan diajak serta menikmati kemewahan Santiago Bernabeu. Namun, bukan berarti produk pembinaan mereka tak ada. Ada deretan nama pemain jebolan Real Madrid B yang sukses di klub lain. Beberapa kembali ke Los Merengues, beberapa lainnya menjadi bintang besar tanpa perlu berseragam Los Blancos lagi.
Keberhasilan Real Madrid B atau Castilla menembus Segunda Division boleh saja dirayakan. Mereka akan menghadapi Barcelona B dalam El Clasico Mini musim depan. Namun, kekhawatiran layak disematkan pada para punggawa tim yang kebanyakan adalah produk akademi Real Madrid. Dengan bertambahnya usia, bukan tidak mungkin para pemain ini terbang ke klub lain untuk mencari suaka bermain.
Roberto Soldado
Kita tentu mengenal Roberto Soldado. Kapten Valencia yang diandalkan kubu Mestalla sebagai penjebol gawang lawan, adalah produk Real Madrid. Di usia 15 tahun, Soldado masuk ke Real Madrid junior dari klub Don Bosco.
Setelah menjadi salah satu pencetak gol ulung Real Madrid B, kesempatan Soldado bergabung di tim utama Los Merengues begitu sedikit. Dalam empat tahun –satu musim dipinjamkan—, Soldado cuma bermain 16 kali di Liga Spanyol, dan cuma mencetak 2 gol. Mencari tempat yang lebih memungkinkan, Soldado bergabung ke tetangga sebelah, Getafe, sebelum akhirnya menjadi juru gedor Valencia.
Senasib dengan Soldado, ada Alvaro Arbeloa. Pemain ini memperkuat Real Madrid B selama tiga tahun (2003–2006). Kariernya membawa Arbeloa ke Deportivo La Coruna dan Liverpool sebelum kembali ke Santiago Benabeu pada 2009.
Jose Manuel Jurado. Gelandang berusia 25 tahun, juga tak bisa menembus skuad utama Real Madrid. Ia sempat hijrah ke rival sekota, Atletico Madrid, sebelum menjadi salah satu pemain inti Schalke 04.
Diego Lopez. Kiper baru Sevilla musim 2012-13; yang musim ini merasakan cobaan berat di Villarreal. Seumuran dengan Arbeloa, ia gagal menembus dominasi Santo Iker Casillas. Kini di usia 30 tahun lebih, ia membuktikan ketahanannya sebagai salah satu penjaga gawang klub elite Spanyol.
Juan MataJuan Mata. Pemain yang menjadi ruh permainan Chelsea, sempat menikmati hidupdi Estadio Alfonso Perez pada musim 2006-07. Sempat pergi ke Valencia, ia pun semakin bersinar di Premier League musim ini.
Kasus lain seperti Alvaro Negredo. Ia memulai karier di Rayo Vallecano, sebelum berada di Real Madrid B. Sebuah takdir manis membawanya bergabung dengan sesama pemain yang pernah mengecap Castilla, Roberto Soldado, di Valencia.
Satu yang tak boleh dilupakan adalah Ruben de La Red. Ia hijrah dulu ke Getafe sebelum kembali ke Real Madrid pada musim 2o08-09. Sayang kariernya berakhir cepat karena masalah gangguan jantung.
Para pemain tadi, produk Real Madrid enam-tujuh tahun lalu, menggapai sinarnya sendiri di klub baru; membuktikan kapasitas mereka. Bukan tidak mungkin, ke depan, para pemain Real Madrid B yang berhasil membuat Florentino Perez tersenyum awal pekan ini, akan bernasib serupa.
Atau malah, secara ajaib kebijakan Los Blancos berubah. Mereka tak lagi ganas di bursa transfer, dan ingin kembali mengulang memori La Quinta del Buitre, lima pemain jebolan akademi sendiri, yang sukses membawa Real Madrid menguasai Spanyol pada 1980-an.
Jese Joselu

ex-jogador academia madrid sucesso em outros clubes

Real Madrid pode ser conhecido como um clube que preferem levar os jogadores da academia de outro clube. Com um excesso de fundos ilimitados, eles vivem como se apontando que os jogadores serão convidados a desfrutar do luxo e Santiago Bernabeu. No entanto, isso não significa que eles não existem produtos de coaching. Há uma fila de jogadores graduada nome Real Madrid B foram bem sucedidos em outros clubes. Alguns voltaram para Los Merengues, outros uma grande estrela sem uniformizados Los Blancos novamente.

O sucesso do Real Madrid Castilla B ou penetrar Segunda Divisão deve ser comemorado. Eles vão enfrentar Barcelona em El Clasico Mini B na próxima temporada. No entanto, as preocupações worth preso no retentor do que a maioria das equipes são reais do produto Madrid academia. Com a idade, não é impossível esses jogadores voar para outro clube para buscar jogo asilo.

Nós sabemos Roberto Soldado. Valencia capitão que contou bunker Mestalla como o gol do adversário, é um produto do Real Madrid. Na idade de 15 anos, Real Madrid Soldado no Don Bosco júnior do clube.

Depois de se tornar um dos realizado goleador Real Madrid B, Soldado juntou oportunidade na primeira equipa merengues tão pouco. Em uma temporada de quatro anos de Quaresma, Soldado só jogou 16 vezes no Campeonato Espanhol, e marcou apenas dois gols. À procura de um lugar que é mais provável, o vizinho do lado para se juntar Soldado, Getafe, antes de finalmente ser batido Valencia intérprete.

Parentesco com Soldado, não Alvaro Arbeloa. Este jogador para o Real Madrid B por três anos (2003-2006). Sua carreira teve Arbeloa para o Deportivo La Coruña e Liverpool antes de voltar a Santiago Benabeu em 2009.

José Manuel Jurado. 25-year-old meia, também não pode penetrar na principal lista de convocados para o Real Madrid. Ele havia se mudado para o rival Atlético de Madrid, antes de se tornar um dos principais jogadores Schalke 04.

Diego Lopez. New Sevilla goleiro temporada 2012-13; sensação de que esta temporada no Villarreal provação. Age com Arbeloa, ele não conseguiu quebrar o domínio de St. Iker Casillas. Agora, com a idade de 30 anos, ele provou a sua capacidade de resistência como um dos guarda-redes do clube espanhol elite.

Juan Mata. Os jogadores que se tornam espírito jogo Chelsea, tinha gostado hidupdi Estadio Alfonso Perez na temporada de 2006-07. Tinha que ir a Valencia, tornou-se mais brilho na Premier League nesta temporada.

Outros casos como o de Alvaro Negredo. Ele começou sua carreira no Rayo Vallecano, Real Madrid antes de ser em B. Um destino doce levou juntar companheiro já provei Castilla jogador, Roberto Soldado, Valencia.

Uma história que nunca deve ser esquecido é Ruben de La Red. Ele se mudou para o Getafe antes de retornar ao Real Madrid no inverno 2o08-09. Carreira mel terminou rapidamente, devido a problemas cardíacos.

Os jogadores tinham, produtos de Real Madrid seis ou sete anos, atingindo os seus raios se em um novo clube; provar sua capacidade. Não é possível, no futuro, o Real Madrid B jogador que conseguiu fazer com que Florentino Perez sorri no início desta semana, vai um destino semelhante.

Ou ainda, milagrosamente Los Blancos mudança de política. Eles não mais virulenta no mercado de transferências, e quero voltar a repetir a memória de La Quinta del Buitre, cinco jogadores se formou na própria academia, que trouxe sucesso Real Madrid dominam espanhol na década de 1980.

(Nanakomisty / Marca)

10 players who later change positions to play

Who are the 10 players who later change positions to play? this is the list
1. Javier Mascherano

The Argentine midfielder is the type of straightforward and often play hard. As a defensive midfielder, Mascherano duty raised to balance the game in defense and midfield. He will cut the opponent's first attack before it reached the 16 meter box.

The task he did very well at Liverpool. Even after Mascherano off to Barcelona, ​​there is no longer a Liverpool defensive midfielder as well as he. Now in Barcelona, ​​Mascherano plays as a central defender, coatings Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique. Dense midfield Azulgrana be one of the reasons being the defender Mascherano. But Pep Guardiola's decision was also why, Mascherano turns tough as a central defender.

2. Dion Dublin

For you who like to watch English Premier League in the 1990s would have known figure opportunist striker Dion Dublin as pretty good. He had been a mainstay striker Cambridge and Coventry City club.

But do you know that Dublin early career playing as a central defender? Dublin never escort club Norwich defense of the opposing team attacker strikes.

3. Alan Smith

Alan Smith was once a talented young striker as he defended Leeds United. He also placed several times in attacking wing position. But when Leeds United tangled financial problems, Smith moved to Manchester United, and was placed by Sir Alex Ferguson as central midfielder. He is strong enough as a midfielder.

4. Moussa Dembele

The tall midfielder is shining in the Premier League. He was strong in defense, but also good to build an attack from the middle. Dembele who recently moved from Fulham to Tottenham Hotspur in the former AZ Alkmaar attacker.

5. Lothar Matthaus

Lothar Matthaus turns former attacking midfielder. But he was better known as a libero champion (center back position in a 3-5-2 formation) and a defensive midfielder. Matthaus help Germany win the World Cup 1990 and he is one of the key players when the Der Panzer.

6. Marouane Fellaini

After coming in Everton, frizzy Belgian player plays as a defensive midfielder. But the Everton manager, David Moyes saw Fellaini potential as an attacking midfielder and a striker. Fellaini is now more commonly installed as a striker and a couple of times to make a goal with a header.

7. John Charles

Players from Wales was originally plays as a central defender. However due to injury, coach and try it as a successful attacker. He made 150 goals for Leeds United and 93 goals for Juventus costumed five years.

8. Jorge Campos

The famous Mexican eccentric goalkeeper in the 1990s. As a goalkeeper, actual posture Campos short, no more than 175 centimeters. Beginning his career as a professional player, Campos plays as a striker. 14 goals when he created it. But the career and achievements as the undisputed first-choice goalkeeper Mexico, he has recorded 130 appearances for his country.

9. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a winger who used to fast, got a lot of tricks but not consistently. At Manchester United he plays as a striker hole and scored a total of 42 goals in the 2008-2009 season. After a move to Real Madrid in the summer of 2009, Ronaldo has contributed 150 goals for Los Blancos.

10. Phil Neville

Philip Neville, sister of Gary Neville, was named as a decent all-round player. While still costumed Manchester United, he can play at right-back, left-back, sometimes in the center back, defensive midfielder until winger. And everything he did well.

After moving and Everton captain, Phil Neville fluent playing in central midfield.